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Long and Tall Limp Kelp.
Starburst Turretella
Long and Tall Turretella
Pinwheel Tibia with Sundial
Corkskrew Float
Venus Sunray & Slippers
Long and Tall Tibia
Limpet Kelp with Abalone
Limpet Kelp with Olives
Long and Tall Limpet Scattered
Four Corners
Limpet with Abalone
Limpet with Olive

at Marco Players Gallery



Tina has always been creative applying her talents early on as a window display artist for national clothing stores. She then spent many years as a fashion coordinator assisting in the presentation of fashion shows for various malls and stores throughout Michigan and other states. As a personal shopper, Tina assisted clients in creating their special fashion image. While working in these varied areas, Tina collaborated with some of the best photo catalogue photographers and stylists in the business helping to fine tune her creative eye.

     Volunteering with The Naples Players, Studio Players, and Marco Players and Bonita Performing Arts Theater has been one of Tina’s passions since moving to Naples in 2015. She has performed in several plays and has lent her artistic talents at The Sugden Theatre to both the costume and scene shops. Several of her unique hat creations were featured in The Naples Players productions of “My Fair Lady” and “The Music Man”. She also performed in and created costumes for the Studio Players production of “Where’s Man?”

      Walking beaches searching for shells that are deposited there from tides and waves has always provided Tina with tranquility. She is an accomplished scuba diver developing an increased respect for the beauty of the oceans from both above and below.


     Tina now applies her artistic talents transforming seashells into art. Tina is pleased to share her love for the ocean and its shell bounty in handcrafted, thoughtful presentations for your enjoyment and contemplation.


Finding Inspiration

"I find pleasure in arranging whatever shells lay on the table. Finding unique placements of the pieces is calming creating a pleasing mix of color, texture, shapes and sizes. Therefor; creating an abstract and artistic representation of subject matter."



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